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Moorea Mahana Tours

Welcome to Moorea Mahana Tours. Mahana means the Sun. The sun, in which many cultures, represents rebirth, life and power. You can see the Sun as part of the MMT logo as well as the Tahitian Flag. We are a generational family run business established in 1990. Our history of guiding visitors to our beloved Moorea started many years earlier. Prior to the official start of Moorea Mahana Tours, Billy Ruta would take visitors out in the waters of Moorea in motorized outrigger canoes. The love of this island and Tahitian culture led Billy Ruta to operating a Tahitian dance group, serving as cultural representatives of Tahiti to the traveling public. Billy Ruta's son, Moises Ruta, was a fire dancer for the dance group in those early days. He was considered by many to be the best of his time. Today, Mr. Moises Ruta, a well-respected business person in the Tahitian business community, is Mo'orea Mahana's Tours driving force. He and his family carry on his father's passion for sharing the Tahitian culture and beauty with visitors worldwide. Mo'orea Mahana Tours holds true to the Tahitian traditions, customs, and respect of nature that are so dear to the Tahitian people. Mo'orea Mahana Tours employs several local people and has for many years. The guides are trained and properly certified. They speak French, Tahitian and English.