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January 23, 2024


There are so many things that you try to remember to bring with you when you go on day tour let alone a vacation! Here are some items that you will not want to be without. Sunscreen, preferably a cream rather than a spray as the chemicals in the spray poison our healthy coral heads. Please bring Coral Friendly sunscreen or monoi to protect our corals. Even if you put it on before you leave its always a good idea to bring it and re-apply.

Please use Coral Friendly Sunscreen only!

Towels are usually provided by the hotels and if you re staying at our Te Fare we will be happy to give you extra towels for the beach. Hats and UV protective clothing are always good to have. As much as you want to enjoy our beautiful sunshine we also want you to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Prevent sunburn by wearing protective clothing. The reflection of the water can intensify your exposure. Cameras area always a good item to bring with you. To capture those moments of your first time swimming with the stingrays or seeing a whale up close are priceless. We are also happy to take pictures of you so don’t hesitate to ask. We want your adventures to be remembered forever!

Ma’a Tahiti on The Motu

Almost all of our tours include a snack or a stop to get one at but it never hurts to bring along water. When traveling we often get dehydrated and in order to keep your health in good shape it’s always a good idea to hydrate! You can bring all of these in a backpack or a waterproof bag if you already have one. We have lots of room in our beautiful boats and if you are doing a land tour a backpack would be best to allow you to be mobile if riding or driving the ate’s. Mosquito repellent if you are planning on doing a land trip. We are usually moving through quickly but if you want to stop to explore for a minute we want you to be able to take your time and enjoy our trees and flowers.