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Ma’a Tahiti on The Motu

Are you searching for unforgettable experiences on The Island of Moorea? Take a look at this stunning day! Ma’a Tahiti on The Motu by Moorea Mahana Tours 🤙

Picnic on the Motu. First, a little local language lesson. A “motu” is the local word for island. This is one of most popular tours and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon on a small tropical motu? It’s only a short boat ride from shore to this small island. Once on the motu, you can snorkel in the shallow waters watching the daily activities of the local sea life. Or you may enjoy some sun as you sit or swim in the crystal clear waters of Moorea and let your cares melt away. Perhaps you just want to sit back and relax in the shade of a palm tree. All the while surrounded by some of the most spectacular waters in the world. So feel free to snorkel around the motu, explore the island, or simply relax and watch one of the demonstrations of coconut husking and cracking.

If you’re lucky, some of the local staff may break out their instruments and play a few Tahitian musical tunes. But wait, we are not done. You can choose the option of having a fabulous lunch composed of local cuisine. All prepared by local cooks with a lifetime of experience. A Tahitian local beer and soft drinks are for sale as well. And don’t forget, for an additional cost, this fantastic experience can be coupled with the ray and shark encounter. So feel free to immerse yourself in the total Moorea motu and lagoon experience. You won’t be disappointed. Moorea Mahana Tours is ready to serve your every need. From planning the detailed itinerary, to providing transportation arrangements, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your mind explore.



Ma'a Tahiti on The Motu

Beverage excluded.

5500 XPF



Ma'a Tahiti on The Motu - Ferry package

Ferry package (Transportation from Tahiti included, beverage excluded).

7600 XPF



Ma'a Tahiti on The Motu - Ferry package (Child 4 - 11 years old)

Ferry package (Transportation from Tahiti included, beverage excluded).

4080 XPF