Moorea Mahana Tours

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Snorkeling Tour

Who’s ready for a totally interactive nature experience that will put a permanent smile on your face. Not to mention, it will have your friends and family on social media buzzing about your vacation experience. You will be transported by boat in the crystal clear lagoon waters to an area filled with gracefully gliding rays, various colorful reef fish and the attention grabbing reef sharks. The waters for this once in a lifetime experience are generally a depth of 5 feet. Your guide will be with you as enter the water to swim and snorkel with all of these amazing creatures. Photographs highly encouraged and the local marine life are not camera shy. If you’r lucky, you will spot a pregnant ray as she glides by you in the water. Her back will have a “baby bump”! All the while you will be in the company of a local guide. The guides knowledge of these waters and its wildlife have been gained through a lifetime of experience here in Moorea. Please feel free to ask questions!

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes interacting with local sea life; look no further than this exclusive guided tour. We here to take care of all of the details, from planning the perfect itinerary, to showing you a unique and memorable vacation.



Snorkeling Tour (Half Day Tour)

Visiting the Shark's and Stingray's spot.

4975 XPF